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Sige hospital door products are going to "go abroad" again


    Due to the impact of the epidemic, all infrastructure work in the Caribbean is working overtime to catch up. Time is tight. The procurement of hospital doors has become a local problem. Where can I find a manufacturer with excellent quality and a fast production cycle?
    After several twists and turns, they found the largest import and export trading company in Fujian, China, and hoped that they could help them purchase a batch of hospital doors in a short time. The company has maintained a long-term cooperation with SIG, and was very satisfied with the hospital doors produced by SIG, so they found SIGE again!


    At the end of the year, SIG had many orders and had a tight delivery period. In order to deliver hospital products to customers earlier, SIGE people worked overtime.
    All workshop production personnel are ready to take care of each link in the entire production process.
    The production workshop is brightly lit and busy with production
    From the production to the delivery of the order, the trading company has put forward corresponding requirements, not letting go of every detail. This rigorous style coincides with SIG. After 20 days, SIG delivered an order. Approve hospital door products that satisfy customers.