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Take you to know "CHN·SIGE"


  "CHN·SIGE", it is not a noun without a story, every letter represents a responsibility of SIGE.
  Today, I would like to tell you
 CHN, the English abbreviation of China
 SIG, the top three brands for hospitals, has been rated as "China's top ten decorative materials supplier for construction" for many years, with stable product quality, high customer satisfaction, and high repurchase rate. It has been in the forefront of market share for many years.
  Focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of special doors for hospitals for many years, we provide a complete set of door solutions for projects. Establish a standardized production line with two major materials, HPL and steel, with complete materials and worry-free purchase.

  Introduced Italian intelligent production lines, with large production capacity, the delivery time can be shortened by 40%, and the quality of mass-produced products is stable.
  Relying on the market's acumen, firmly grasp the market trends, and constantly innovate products and channels, and lay out the global market with a new image.

  SIG, a domestic large-scale hospital special door production base, is strong and can be customized on demand. The engineering cost of the same product can save you more than 15% of the cost.
  Persist in continuous innovation, continue to create a valuable corporate mission for customers, and serve the country with the industry and become a global special door brand as its vision.
  This is CHN·SIGE!