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"Steady" and powerful, "smooth" and silent, this is the true color of the hinge!


  I believe that many people have encountered such a situation: the hinge of the door leaf is easy to rust after a long time of use. When opening and closing the door, you will often hear the "creaking" sound, and the hinge is easy to deform, causing the door leaf to loosen and fall off. Unsmooth opening and closing conditions.
   Hinge, this seemingly inconspicuous hardware accessory, actually affects the opening and service life of the door leaf. Since the hinge is so important, how can you choose to be careless? How can you choose to be assured and satisfied?
   In terms of materials, there are mainly copper hinges, aluminum hinges, and stainless steel hinges; although copper hinges are highly decorative, they are not resistant to moisture and are easy to oxidize and change color; aluminum hinges are generally low in strength, and the surface is easy to get wet Rust; stainless steel hinges have good performance in terms of decoration and strength, which is a good choice.
   At present, the stainless steel hinges on the market are mainly divided into 201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel; although 201 stainless steel has much better performance and service life than aluminum hinges, it is easy to rust over time in a humid environment. The 304 stainless steel hinge, although the appearance is relatively simple, does not rust when used in various environments, and is also a hinge with guaranteed quality at present. Therefore, the rust-proof and strong 304 stainless steel hinge has become a suitable choice for the hinges used in SIG steel doors.
 304 stainless steel heavy-duty hinges selected for SIG steel doors--
  1. "Stable" and powerful
  5 inch large size, 3mm stainless steel thickness, high strength, strong load-bearing capacity, can withstand the load of the door leaf in all directions, and have a long service life; it avoids the situation of loose and falling off of the door leaf and unsmooth opening and closing caused by excessive load and hinge deformation. .
  2. "Successfully" without sound
  304 stainless steel material, does not rust, guarantees the flexibility and smoothness of opening and closing the door; avoids the harsh sound caused by the rusty hinge when opening and closing the door.
  3. In appearance, the color is uniform, the processing is fine, and the corners have no cutting edges.
  Sigma steel door, starting from the subtlety, every detail is exquisite, touching people's hearts, it is worthy of your "quiet" choice.